Date of birth for 18 today

5th Dec 2003

To be 18 or over, the date of birth must be on or before the date above.

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Sunday 5th Dec 2021

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Why is this needed / Is it that hard to work it out?

On my research for this website, I have seen many tweets and comments about staff taking ages to work out people's ages on their ID, and people calling them dumb etc.

The thing is, they might actually be good at maths - it can be daunting for people checking ID. I'm not ashamed to say that I've experienced this feeling when I worked in a hotel bar, and back in school I got an A in my maths GCSE.

Here are a few reasons why working out the date is not always easy for staff, and why it might take some workers ages to work it out. Basically, it's because they freeze up with everything else going on. If you have ever experienced this, you might find this website useful.

If on the other hand you are reading this and do struggle with basic maths, you should probably try doing some online maths courses in your spare time (you might even enjoy it). A good website for doing some basic maths questions and learning basic maths and beyond is


Some places that sell alcohol display signs or stickers saying that you have to be born on or before today's date 18 years ago (and displays the correct year for this). These can be updated each year to be correct. While these are recommended as reminders for staff, and as warnings for customers, this website can be useful for staff that work in places that don't have those signs or stickers displayed anywhere - I'm sure there are quite a few.

I used to work in a hotel with bars and functions for about 8 years, and on busy nights with late bars we would sometimes work out in advance what the cut off date would be for anyone who is over 18, and write a note next to the till. We would do this especially if we knew there would be a lot of potential under age customers, for example at wedding parties or events that included a mixture of young and older people.

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